By patient type

Performance measures are intended to be used by an agency to measure how well they are providing care for specific types of patient and use the information to develop quality improvement plans specifically for those patient types. The Regional Medical Liaisons have developed a set of regional cardiac care guidelines for ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) patients. They have been developed to standardize how these key performance indicators are measured within the Foothills and Mile High RETAC regions. This will allow for benchmarking between agencies so best practices can be shared. Along with the performance measure information sheet is a tool for tracking and printing reports for these performance measures. Email the Regional EMS Coordinator with questions or for assistance with the performance measure tool here

Regional Performance Measure - Call Complaint Reported by Dispatch and Provider Primary Impression

The Regional Medical Liaisons have developed a regional performance measure to establish a count of call complaint agencies were dispatched to and what was the provider's primary impression. Analysis of this data provides a better understanding of what types of calls for service EMS agencies are responding to within the region. This is an annual report with the first report published for year 2013.